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Rules & Regulations

Post  Nash on Fri Aug 15, 2008 10:00 pm

Forum Rules
All members are to respect the thoughts, opinions, and the right to forum use of all other members. Any personal discrepancies between members should either be dealt with outside of the site, or through site staff. Failure to abide by these rules may result in a ban from Naruto Earth.

NO Spamming. This includes:
- when posting a response to a thread, it must add to the overall discussion value of the thread (responses that merely agree with previous posts or add nothing to the topic are spam and will be deleted).
- posts which do not adhere to the boundaries of the thread posted in.
- threads which are placed in inappropriate forums.
- role playing, chain story threads.
- useless threads/posts. ("I have a cat" or similar threads are considered useless.)
- threads with topics which already exist. Please observe previous threads for an existing topic before creating a new one. If duplicate threads are made they will locked or deleted.
- flame posts.
- " is my favorite" threads, please. Such posts are only permissable in the context of general "favorites" threads (eg, a "Who's your favorite character?" thread).

No threads, sigs or ANYTHING with hentai or other adult material. Don't even ask.

No obscenities or any other inappropriate behavior.
-This includes discrimination against someone for their sexual, religious, racial, or ethnic characteristics. Actions such as these will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

No links to copyrighted digital material such as full anime episodes, manga scans, video clips or Mp3's, HK Bootlegs, or programs that help encode or distribute these materials. No assisting on the forums with information to such links.

No Selling.

No more than one account per user.

No unauthorized advertising on the forums or through private messages. If you wish to advertise, please contact an Admin for details.

Post Signature Rules:
- The Maximum width allowed is 700 pixels.
- The Maximum height allowed is 700 pixels.
- No larger than 100 kb.
- No more than 3 pictures per sig (unless the combined size of the pictures is within the 100 kb limit).

Privacy Policy (this is for your own good, people):
Don't post personal information like your address and telephone number on the forums. If you wish to share such information, please do so only with trusted individuals, and in a private manner, such as through e-mail or private messaging.
Also, do not violate any other user's privacy by publishing information that is private and personal.

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