Treasure in the North

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Treasure in the North

Post  Nash on Wed Aug 20, 2008 5:44 am

Rank: Peddler

Race: Any

Requirements: Hefty Sword

Objective: Somone stole my treasure chest! If you can catch him,
you can have what's inside!

Mission: Go to Clock Town and request a mod.
Defeat a Thief for a reward.

Bunny Hood: Let's you move faster. Equip this before the
start of a mission.

HP: 20
MG: 0
SPD: 15, INTL: 9.

HP: 230
MG: 60
SPD: 120 INTL: 300

Heart Container (x6)
Twilight Sword
Cannibal's Sword
Shaman Scepter
Phantom's Mask
Phantom's Spear
Onyx Sword
Destroyer's Helm
Destroyer's Gloves
Destroyer's Leggings
Destroyer's Boots
Destroyer's Shield
Eternity Potion
10000 Rupees
Gargantaur's Hammer
Gargantaur's Skull
Gargantaur's Ribs

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