Ranks and levels

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Ranks and levels

Post  Nash on Sat Aug 16, 2008 7:07 pm

Here's how the ranks work;

New member: Starter

3 missions: Child

6 missions: Peddler

9 missions: Handler (<-- Must have completed your first temple to pass on)

12 missions: Tiny Hero (<-- Must have completed second temple to pass on)

15 missions: Half Hero (<-- Must have completed your third temple to pass on)

21 missions: Hero (<-- Must have obtained Master Sword to pass on)

24 missions: Swordmaster

27 missions: Epic Swordmaster

30 missions: Buckethead (<-- This is a real rank.)

33 missions: Hyrulian Hero

36 missions: Small God

39 missions: Demi God

42 missions: Strong God

45 missions & higher: Triforce

Report here once you've completed the stated #
of missions to go up a rank. Post the links to show you've
completed each mission. Either myself, a fellow
Admin, or a mod will accept it.

Btw, I'm not joking.
That's a real rank.

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