Get a Shield

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Get a Shield

Post  Nash on Sat Aug 16, 2008 12:08 am

(Read "Get a Sword" first.)

Note: Another MUST DO for beginners.

Rank: Starter

Race: Any

Requirements: Small Sword

Objective: I hear over by Meldo's House, there's a treasure chest. Inside is a wooden shield.
But I also heard he planted Boko Babas around the chest. You could get to the shield if you had a sword..

Mission: Go to Meldo's House and request a mod. Once there, defeat 2 Babas to get
the shield.

Wooden Shield

Baba 1:
HP: 5
MG: 1
SPD: 0, INTL: 0.

Baba 2:
HP: 5
MG: 1
SPD: 0, INTL: 0.

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