The Mask Of Truth

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The Mask Of Truth

Post  Nash on Fri Feb 13, 2009 11:18 pm

Rank: Tiny Hero

Race: Any

Requirements: North Quadrant Map, and Clock Tower Key

Objective: There's a treasure chest in the Clock Tower..
But not only is it guarded by monsters, there's a riddler who guards the Clock Tower door!
You won't even find the Clock Tower without a map..

Mission: Go to Clock Town and request a mod.
Follow the mod's directions to get to the North Quadrant.
Afterwards, awnser 3 riddles. You cannot proceed at this point without
a Clock Tower Key. If you have it, proceed to fight 2 Mini-Gohmas.
Then, open the chest and claim your prize.

The Mask Of Truth: It is said that this mask's large eye can
see the truth in any person's soul. This may come in handy. Add it to your siggy..

HP: 13
SPD:17, INTL:1

Magic attacks: HP up by 5 each turn.

HP: 230
MG: 60
SPD: 120 INTL: 300

Heart Container (x6)
Twilight Sword
Cannibal's Sword
Shaman Scepter
Phantom's Mask
Phantom's Spear
Onyx Sword
Destroyer's Helm
Destroyer's Gloves
Destroyer's Leggings
Destroyer's Boots
Destroyer's Shield
Eternity Potion
10000 Rupees
Gargantaur's Hammer
Gargantaur's Skull
Gargantaur's Ribs

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